California state government publications have nearly ceased being distributed in print; instead, they are now almost exclusively born-digital and available only on agency websites.
Librarians at the University of California, Stanford University, and the California State Archives and State Library are working to ensure that valuable evidence of our state’s history are collected and preserved in the Archive of California government documents ( Archive). Building the Archive entails a great deal of work from seed selection, running crawls, performing QA activities, as well as creating metadata for the collection.
Our poster will demonstrate how we leveraged the power of 120 librarians and library staff in a weeklong Metadata Sprint to enhance the archived websites. This is a good example of what the library community can accomplish by working together and provides a roadmap for others wishing to initiate a similar crowd-sourced project. We will cover our planning process, sprint organization, training, kick-off, wrap-up; and what worked well and what we’d change if we did this again. Archive Metadata Sprint Website