Plenary Sessions

Collaborators for the Future: Bringing our Values to the Trends and Changes in our World, Miguel Figueroa

Scholarly Communication in a Time of Change: Considering the Impact of Bias, Diversity, and Traditional Publishing Structures as Scholarly Communication Moves to New Platforms and Systems, Charlotte Roh

Who Succeeds in Higher Education? Questioning the Connection Between Academic Libraries and Student Success, Zoe Fisher

Preconference Sessions

Let’s Build Something!: A Rapid-Prototyping Instructional Design Workshop, Dani Brecher Cook & Doug Worsham
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Making Research-Driven Change: Developing a Research Agenda to Guide Your Professional Practice, Tricia Lantzy & Torie Quiñonez

Where’s the Core? A New Approach to Assessing Journal CollectionsJoseph Aubele, Carol Perruso & Michelle De Mars
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Research Into Practice

Comparing Apples and Bananas? A/B Testing for discovery system optimization, Sarah Dahlen, Kenny Garcia & Kathlene Hanson

High Impact Collaborative Learning & Student Engagement with Librarian-Led Faculty Research Fellows, Lauren Fox, Summer Krstevska, Zemirah Lee & Sarah Mendez [slides]

I study in my car: How a study habits survey helped to change and champion the library at two California Community Colleges, Elizabeth Horan & Brian Green

Reframing From the Ground Up: Restructuring a for-credit information literacy course around the Framework for Information Literacy, Shonn Haren
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Engaging in Practice

A Change Is Gonna Come: Renewing Information Workers’ Commitment to Social Justice, Elisa Slater-Acosta, Aisha Conner-Gaten, Javier Garibay, Rhonda Rosen & Desirae Zingarelli-Sweet [slides]

Action Speaks, Identity Creeps: How to Let Go of the Past and Become an Agent of Change, Carrie Donovan & John Watts [slides]

Building professional literacy in research and scholarship: Preparing for the future that is already here, Jeanine Scaramozzino & Khue Duong
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Everybody Can Design: Exploring Participatory User Experience Across Library Services, Joanna Messer Kimmitt
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Evolving roles for librarians and sustaining value through OER initiatives, Laurie Borchard & Lauren Magnuson
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Fake News and the Caulfield Technique, Ann Agee [slides]

From Instruction to Instructional Design: Scalable Approaches to Information Literacy, Maya Hobscheid
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Improving Community and Undergraduate Academic Success through Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, Kate Otto

Using LMS to Improve the Access, Equity, and Quality of Information Literacy Education: A Collaborative Strategy, Yi Ding & Melissa Rassibi
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Panel Sessions

Academic Librarians in Transition: Stories, Narratives and Job Strategies on Moving into Different Library Careers, Raymond Pun, Andrew Carlos, Gary Shaffer, Sandy Hirsh & Sean Flores

The ‘E’ is for equity: Building an O.E.R. and affordable textbooks movement on a community college campus, Jenny Yap, Heather Dodge & Jordan Yee
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Is Free Speech Really Free? Reframing Free speech on Campus, Susanna Eng-Ziskin, Jennie Quinonez-Skinner & Mark Stover

The Pedagogical and Scholarly Prospects of Web Archiving, Mark Bilby, Jillian Lohndorf, Dana Ospina & Zach Vowell

Spoken Word Poetry in the Library: Why Hip Hop has a Place in Academic Libraries, Mark Stover & Del Williams

Teaching Critical Evaluation of News in a (Mis)Information Environment, Donald Barclay, Ellen Carey, Sara Davidson Squibb & Shonn Haren [slides]

What Do You Meme? Pop Culture in the Information Literacy Classroom, Lana Wood, Stephanie Alexander & Andrew Carlos [slides]

Interest Group Showcase

ALIGN: Demand-Driven Acquisition: Saviour, False Prophet, or Mere Mortal?

DIAL: Libraries Respond: Connecting with our Communities in Times of Crisis

CARLDIG-S: Showcasing Agents of Change

SCIL: The Diplomat, the Showman, the Advocate, and Other Hats: Instruction Librarian Roles in Times of Change

SCORE: The Right to be Forgotten: Scholarly Communication and Ethics [slides]

Round Table Discussions

Capturing Changing Conversations: A Round Table Discussion on Editing and Publishing LIS Volumes, Raymond Pun, Gina Schlesselman-Tarango & Annie Pho

Forming collaborative partnerships with for-profit companies that align with the core values of librarianship, Brian Hole

Honoring the Past, Imagining the Future: Facilitating Productive Conversations about Change, Dani Brecher Cook & Brianna Marshall

Makers Connect! Makerspaces in the Academic Library, Krista Ivy & Michele Potter

Rethinking the role of student workers in the library: enhancing the user experience, Erica Watson, Kye Ocasio-Pare

Supporting the Dream: Undocumented Students and the Libraries, Nicole Arnold

Technology Roundup: Sharing New Technology Utilized in Times of Change, Denise Kane & Judy Opdahl

What should librarians demand from Publishers? John Dove

Poster Sessions

Hashtag info lit: A text analysis of information literacy tweets, Annis Lee Adams & Margot Hanson

Seizing Opportunity and Building Consensus: Establishing a Data Services Program, Kate Barron [abstract]

New Tool in Town: Identifying the God, the Bad, and the Predatory OA Journal, Nataly Blas

Collaboration with faculty and library special collections: Increasing student engagement with primary sources, Paul C. Campbell & Miriam Intrator [abstract]

Information Visualization Skills for Academic Librarians, H. Michelle Chen

From Strings to Things: Transitioning from Authority Control to Identity Management at Stanford University Libraries, Joanna Dyla & Hilary Thorsen

DIY Spaces in an Age of Change: Creating a STEM Collaborative Learning Center with Campus Partners, Courtney Hoffner, Doug Worsham, & Juan Jaime

Poster Sessions for the Public: A unique outreach and education opportunity, William Jacobs [abstract]

Plans and Pivots: Embracing Change in an IR Marketing and Outreach Program, Shannon Kealey & Ray Scroggin [abstract]

Best Faces Forward Campaign: Library Marketing Efforts Trading Headshots for Testimonials, Zemirah Lee & Phil Oels [abstract]

Turning a Marathon into a Sprint: Metadata Creation for the 700+ Websites of the Web Archive of California Government Documents, Julie Lefevre & Lucia Orlando [abstract]

Articulating Information Literacy in Introductory Writing, Sara Davidson Squibb, Heather Devrick, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Susan Miller [abstract]

Integrating Circulated Technology into the Library Collection Development Plan, Neil Ordinario [abstract]

Thresholds and Borderlands: Using Chicana Feminist Theory to Navigate Changing Identities, Torie Quiñonez [abstract]

Using your Public Library as a Partner: Cal Poly Pomona University Library and LA County Library’s MākMō (Maker Mobile), Sally Romero & Lawrence Mak [abstract]

Embracing Expanded Librarian Roles in Scholarly Communications, Ngoc-Yen Tran & Emily K. Chan [abstract]

Where the Wild Things Are: Bring K-12 Students to Special Collections for Adventures! Rachel Wen-Paloutzian & Carol Raby

Can Librarians Wear Plaid? Early Insights into Forming a Matrix Organization, Doug Worsham, Elizabeth Cheney, & Rikke Ogawa