Textbook costs are a common barrier to students accessing and succeeding in a course. OER adoption is an opportunity to change the unsustainable commercial textbook model and mitigate equity issues that are particularly challenging to community college students. Leveraging the expertise of three librarians and one teaching faculty from an urban community college, this interactive panel will discuss high impact practices to develop an OER movement linked directly to equity and affordability initiatives by utilizing tools you already have at your library. Panelists will share successful strategies (and failures) in going after grants, and engaging with faculty, students, and administrators, in building a nascent OER community of practice. We will show examples of the OER-to-commercial textbook comparison tool we developed that helped to convince faculty to adopt OER texts. We will discuss results from student and faculty surveys, and show examples of how we stipended instructors. We will discuss potential reasons why faculty shy away from using OER texts and strategies to help overcome this obstacle. Participants will think critically about how to create a targeted outreach plan that is built for sustainability through advocacy, discoverability, and librarian-faculty partnerships. You will leave with inspiration for presenting a compelling argument for OER on your campus.