What journals should the library have?  Which journals do faculty want? How do librarians determine which are the “right” journals to have?  Academic librarians are often called upon to serve disciplines in which they themselves have little expertise.  That can sometimes lead librarians to doubt themselves in dealings with disciplinary faculty, particularly in matters of collection development.  Today, in many disciplines, the primary outlet for scholarly communication is via journals, and ensuring that the library has the “right” journals for students and faculty can be difficult for the academic librarian if he or she does not have the requisite expertise.  Though there are core lists created by disciplinary experts, construction of those lists is often time intensive and gradually lose relevance over time. Journal metrics are often looked to for guidance, but typically are narrowly focused with methodology that is opaque.  Attendees will explore a new, tested methodology, that itself relies upon time tested tools of librarianship, to develop a core list journal titles for a discipline of their choosing. Further, they will develop the skills that will enable them to update their core list whenever circumstances demand.