25% of the nation’s undocumented students study in California. With the decision to repeal DACA looming, libraries must take stock of how to best ensure the retention, graduation, and success of this vulnerable student group.

Potential guiding discussion questions include:
Have you worked with any undocumented students or Dream Centers? In what capacity?
What struggles have you seen these students have when it comes to completing assignments, projects, or coursework?
How does your institution address these struggles?
How can your library address these struggles?
How are these undocumented groups and the services they receive different from other student groups?

It is noted that there is a dearth of academic publications concerning library services and support for undocumented students. Due to this somewhat nascent nature of this topic, the goal upon the conclusion of this session will be that participants will have a better understanding of the types of academic issues undocumented students encounter. They will also have some preliminary ideas and strategies of how to help these students overcome these academic issues.