Information literacy instruction is a complex, ever-changing endeavor. Librarians are continually challenged to help students with research assignments, be engaging, challenge our students to improve their critical thinking skills, become lifelong learners continually, and do it all with more/less technology. Instruction librarians today may have expertise in pedagogy, technology, engaging with students, or advocating for students. Come learn from experts in different aspects of instruction with our “speed-dating” style round table session. Learn how each of our expert’s approach instruction, and engage in a short group conversation before speaking with the next expert.

Our team of expert instruction librarians include:

  • Diplomat – Someone who knows everyone on their campus, can wrangle an invite to every meeting and represents the library’s information literacy goals to the larger community.
  • Showman – Someone who excels at incorporating popular media, humor, and other engaging elements into their information literacy sessions to keep students’ attention and help them better understand research processes through metaphors.
  • Advocate – Someone who seamlessly and tirelessly weaves their passion for social justice into their information literacy sessions, whether it’s engaging students in thought-provoking discussions or always promoting excellent universal design all our students can use.

And more!