This poster describes a pilot project called Instructional Learning Communities, inspired by the model of reflective peer mentoring described by Goosney, Smith, and Gordon in their article “Reflective Peer Mentoring: Evolution of a Professional Development Program for Academic Librarians.” Their shift from one-on-one and large-group professional development to peer-based learning and goal-setting seemed like a risky approach, but one that could yield truly meaningful results if successful. The poster will detail the process of creating a structure and resources to support librarians in discussing instructional methods, theories, and experiences in a non-judgmental small group setting – including readings and assessments. The poster will articulate challenges faced and lessons learned in implementing this organic, peer-based approach to instructional professional development. Why did some groups stay together and others fall apart? How much direction is too much? The poster will address these and other unexpected questions that came up along the way.