The academic librarian’s role is constantly evolving to adapt to the ever-changing information landscape and needs of students, and recent political and social events have caused major changes to both. Students are encountering misinformation through social media channels, DREAMer students are fearful and uncertain about their future, and free speech is being exercised and tested on college and university campuses around the country. In response, many librarians have re-evaluated their roles and found ways to improve student digital and information literacy, demonstrate the library’s support for all students, and enact change at their institution.

For the 2018 CARL Conference IG Showcase, the California Academic Reference Librarians Discussion Interest Group-South (CARLDIG-S) will showcase speakers from their fall 2017 program “Agents of Change in the Age of Alternative Facts.” Invited speakers will expand on their initial presentations and discuss the implementation, reactions, and assessments of their engaging, innovative programs, collaborations, or initiatives that addressed fake news, digital literacy, social justice, or diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this sharing of successful programs, collaborations, and initiatives, CARLDIG-S hopes to empower other academic librarians to become agents of change at their institutions.