In 2016-2017, most public services units in UCLA Library were merged into a new reporting structure under a single Associate University Librarian for User Engagement. With the release of a library-wide strategic plan for 2016-2019 that highlighted the need for further focus in functional areas of the library, these public service units were faced with the question of how to reorganize to achieve the goals of our strategic plan while maintaining the ability to serve our unique clienteles. A matrix approach, crossing functional areas and subject based divisions, was implemented in July 2017. This poster will address the reorganization process, the new structure, early insights into successes and challenges, and future directions of the newly formed User Engagement group. Our aspirations for the matrix organization include increasing efficiency and cross-division collaboration as well as expanding opportunities for leadership and professional advancement. We further hope the matrix organization will help increase organizational transparency, encourage exploration of new ideas, and foster responsive, team-based approaches to librarianship in a changing academic environment. Early assessment efforts are planned to evaluate the extent to which the new organizational structure promotes staff empowerment, risk-taking, creativity, and collaboration.