Librarians today require an understanding of discipline-specific research practices, data services, and scholarly publishing to support their patrons. As the foundations of librarianship evolve to meet these requirements, librarians need to move past generic “Data 101” workshops and develop fundamental skills to support researchers and their research requirements. How do librarians cultivate the necessary competencies when it is challenging to discover what one does not know and determine resources to help fill one’s knowledge gap? The presenters will showcase their path to data literacy, lessons learned, and how librarians can augment data skills to assist researchers with long- and short-term management of their research and scholarly output. Specifically they will share (1) methods to stay abreast of new trends, mandates, and tools; (2) opportunities to learn these essential skills through peer-mentorship and other forms of self education (i.e. sabbatical); and (3) how conducting discipline-specific research uniquely informs library services.