The Academic Library in Times of Change

DIAL: Libraries Respond: Connecting with our Communities in Times of Crisis

April 15, 2018
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Session Category :  Interest Group Showcase 

Diversity in Academic Libraries (DIAL) is an interest group of the larger California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL). Reestablished in 2015, DIAL’s focus is on diversity in academic and research libraries with the following objectives: to promote an understanding and sensitivity about services and resources for the diverse students/faculty using California academic and research libraries, and to promote inclusivity, equity, and diversity within institutional policies, practices, and the profession.

At its 2016 interest group showcase, DIAL addressed the library’s role in responding to the growing societal unrest of their marginalized communities via a discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement and a showcase of best practices that California academic libraries/librarians could utilize in their own efforts. For its 2018 showcase, DIAL will continue this structure with a broader focus of marginalized communities in general, but with special attention to the government’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and how that affects library communities. Our panelists, from four different institutions, will discuss how they are responding to community issues and offering support. DIAL’s goal is to not only educate the CARL membership as a way to actualize its objectives, but to also arm its members with the tools to do the work themselves as members of CARL and for their own communities. To hold true to this, particular attention will be paid to offering concrete things that CARL members can do and suggestions they can take back to their libraries.